Cleaning, Floor and Laundry Services.  

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Textiles Cleaning, Linens cleaning, CAT 3 textiles cleaning. Esporta Certified Laundry.  

There is no project that is too big or too small for our team. At PACK-N-CLEAN.  We aim to provide you with the best service and ensure that you and your needs always come first. With a professional and trustworthy staff, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We offer affordable Textiles cleaning of your clothing or linens effected by Mold, contaminated water cat 3, Colleges nursing textiles, and uniforms.         

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Using state of the art equipment we use Truck mounts for the best cleaning method to guarantee a superior clean. At PACK-N-CLEAN, We provide professional steam carpet, Tile & Grout, furniture or Area rug cleaning services. We have odor and Urine treatments, scotch guard and we also provide grout sealing for the protection of your tile and grout after a clean.  

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Steam Carpet, Tile Grout, Rug & Furniture cleaning. 14 Years Experience. Quality Cleaning.  

Specialist in hazmat suits cleaning disinfecting coronavirus cells epidemic, pandemic heal

Mold Cleaning, Water damage, Bio and Hoarding cleaning. IICRC Certified Licensed and Insured. 


IICRC Certified and Licensed Cleaning company for Mold, Bio Hazard, Hoarding, Covid and more. 

We have over 10 years in the Hazardous cleaning and Insurance industry. We use Hepa cleaning products and follow IICRC and NORMI requirements when it comes to this specialty of cleanings. Insurance Accepted.