More About Our Services & Process

 Cleaning Services - Emergency services and more 

 House deep cleaning 1 time cleans move in or move outs (no reoccurring) 

 Carpet, tile and furniture steam cleaning fast dry time we use truck mounted equipment


 Dumping and hauling services:


 Water damage  WTR & ASD  IICRC Certified Firm 24/7 on call 

 Mold Removal (Remediation) NORMI Certified firm 

 Mold Testing and Inspecting NORMI Certified firm 

 Odor Removal IICRC Certified Firm

 Truck Mounted Carpet, Tile and Upholstery Cleaning  


 2 Facilities for convenience in Lee county. 


 Contents, Storage and Pack outs


Photo Inventory for contents packing 

Contents Cleaning and Restoration Including Art, Photos, heirlooms etc. 

Packing, Moving and Storage in a controlled AC environment onsite in our facility. 

Pack Back and placing contents back to original location to prior loss. We also keep written and photo records of Non Salvageable Items for adjusters.  



Textiles and Laundry


We are Certified Esporta Textile professionals.

All Textiles, Leathers, Silks, Purses high end, Wedding dresses, Specialty area rugs, Wool, Sports Equipment Football, Hockey etc. Toys and more. 

We process at our Laundry facility that also has a dry room and Ozone chamber. 



The patented Esporta technology is designed to clean over 95% of soft contents and textiles impacted by CAT 2 & 3 Water Damage, Heavy Smoke & Soot, Trauma Clean Up, and much more.  

Pack- Out  Process:

It is the process in which 1833-Pack-N-Clean will come to your home or facility, do an inspection to determine what items are salvageable.  We then take inventory, pack up all of the damaged property and transport it back to our warehouse. Once the personal property is at the warehouse, our cleaning specialist begins the cleaning and restoration process.

As owner and a former adjuster in the Mitigation insurance industry we understand Insurance companies would rather clean or repair your personal property rather than replace.  Choosing the right company with a solid background in restoring and one that understands the ins and outs of  Insurance Adjusting helps speed the process to return your restored contents in a timely matter.   


Ultrasonic Cleaning :

When an unfortunate event occurs such as a Fire, Flood, Smoke, Bio Hazard or Mold in a home or Building, there are environmental health factors that need to be addressed to ensure that the Contents of that property are properly handled

and cleaned to ensure the environmental hazard is fully removed. Some items may not be recoverable due to its damage. Our team inspects every item prior to cleaning  to insure there are no environmental hazards.     

When chemical cleaning and hand cleaning can’t get the job done, ultrasonic allows for intricate, fast cleaning method for Mold, fire, Bio and water damage restoration processes, with unmatched results.


Odor and Sanitization:

 We use EPA-registered, liquid deodorizer/disinfectant/fungicide that are formulated for hospital use. The formula is water activated to create ClO2 liquid.


The liquid spray leaves no harmful residue and is suitable for water and smoke damage restoration, including sewer backup and river flooding, and trauma scene decontamination and more.

Suitable for water and smoke damage restoration, including sewer backup and river flooding.

Kills bacteria, viruses*, mold and odor-causing bacteria. 1833-Pack-N-Clean also use ozone chambers for odor removal on the appropriate contents see below.


Ozone Chambers:

We use Ozone in our process as an additional step for cleaning and sanitizing  soft goods, contents and furniture. Because ozone was proven to kill pathogens in seconds. Remove and eliminate odors, and is one of the most powerful oxidant for disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces we choose this as an additional measure for your contents.   


Soft Goods & Laundry Cleaning Services:


Restoring what matters is the definition of a simple soft goods Item like a teddy bear, clothes, bedding, soft goods, hand bags, area rugs, mattresses, most fabrics, shoes, dolls, drapes, pillows, plants, quilts, most non salvageable items or heirloom important to you. We at 1833-Pack-N-Clean understand the importance that something like a stuffed animal can have sentimental and emotional value that is irreplaceable to you and your family. 


Through our process, items are cleaned using Industrial Wash and Dry systems, deodorized, ozone chambered, and sanitized. At Pack-N-Clean our wash systems remove bacteria and contaminants  from your linens, clothing, quilts, pillows, blankets, stuffed animals and other soft goods. We do on-site photo inventories while determining what items are to be saved, attempted to save, and depending on the amount of damage considered total loss. 

  Our patented processes and systems restore items that were not considered cleanable in the past.  We utilize testing systems that insure all items restored are cleaned to a true food grade quality level before being returned to you.  You can rest assured that your possessions will not only look and feel clean but will truly be cleaned to a level of cleanliness that exceeds what it was when it was new.




Our pack out services allow us to safely restore your possessions to like-new condition in the safety of our facility. We then use an offsite climate controlled  facility to reduce the risk of further damage or contamination.

Once we have completed the repairs and restorations to your home, we can return your goods to you. Each item is kept safe at our offsite facility until a successful return is made.

Mold Testing:

At 1-833-Pack-N-Clean we are licensed in Florida and service as Mold Assessors and Mold remediators. We offer expertise knowledge in the industry of testing and remediating for property owners and commercial facilities. We offer swab, tape lifts, and Air testing (air quality) and return results in 24-48 business hours. 1-833-Pack-N-Clean will provide affordable post remediation verifications - Clearances, to ensure assure your home and  contents are clear and free from mold.